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Canine Academy

Puppy Kindergarten

Start your puppy off right with a package that includes three 45-minute private training sessions where you will learn skills that you can practice in the weekly socialization classes. Skills include proper people greeting etiquette, leash walking, coming when called, and much more! You also get a personalized email after each session that summarizes what you worked on and includes your instructions for the week. The package also includes your first six puppy socialization classes, two e-books sent to your email that are loaded with tons of puppy raising tips, access to a private Facebook group for puppy class members only where you can ask questions anytime and get homework assignments, and a gift bag with a Happy Howie’s meat roll and toys.

After your initial package, you can continue on in the weekly socialization classes. These off-leash classes are 50 minutes long and provide your puppy with the socialization they need to become well-adjusted adult dogs. Come to as many classes as you wish until your puppy is one year old. Puppies naturally start to develop fears at around four to eight months old, so it is critical to keep them well socialized during this period.

Our puppy classes are designed to provide puppies from eight weeks to one year the socialization they need with the chance to meet many new friends, both human and canine. If your puppy is already six months old or older when you enroll, we may suggest you start with our regular obedience classes. We will determine which class is right for you after we do an initial evaluation. Click the button below to view pricing options and get your puppy off to a great start.

Adult Dog Obedience Classes

(Limit of four dogs per class)

Our obedience classes are available to dogs 6 months and older. The eight week course consists of a one hour class per week. The first four weeks are either private classes or semi-private with one other dog/handler team (depending on the day you sign up for) and the remaining four weeks are small group classes. You will find that our obedience classes are very different than the average dog obedience class. During the first four weeks, we really get to know you and your dog and work on the specific areas you are struggling with. We will also cover all the basic manners. The group classes mainly focus on handling skills in the presence of other dogs and people.

We are also offering eight week group classes without the private training and also a class just for small breed dogs.

Click the button below to see current class openings.

Advanced Skills Group Training

(Limit of six dogs per class)

The focus of this course is to teach relaxation around other dogs, handler skills for leash reactive dogs, basic to advanced obedience with distractions, and building a great relationship with your dog. The minimum requirements for dogs entering this course are that they must know how to sit, down, and stay on command. Please bring your dog's bed, mat, or blanket and a water bowl to each class.

Intro to Agility

Our agility class is perfect for those who want to try out the sport for the first time. If you want to compete, not sure if you want to compete, or you just want to do something fun with your dog, give our class a whirl! Our facility has competition-quality equipment and we will get you started safely learning the sport. Sign up for as many classes as you like. Click the button below to choose your classes.

Scent Work

Scent work has many benefits for dogs, including:

  • Scent work helps your dog relax. Without getting too sciency, sniffing is soothing for dogs. Blood flow to certain areas of the brain increases when your dog is sniffing really hard, and this can help calm your dog down.

  • Scent work teaches your dog how to problem solve. Many dogs never get much of a chance to figure stuff out. Scent work allows your dog to use his nose to solve problems to find food. This is how most canines spend hours every day!

  • Scent work helps your dog gain confidence and independence. Learning a new thing is incredibly powerful for boosting confidence. Scent work can teach nervous dogs that new spaces are exciting to explore rather than terrifying.

  • Scent work is exhausting. Got a naughty dog? Rather than constantly revving him up with more and more exercise like fetch or tug, try scent work. Problem-solving is exhausting. Remember how you felt after a big test in college or a long day at work? Connect that feeling with the soothing effects of sniffing, and scent work is one of the most powerful tools out there for soothing a hyperactive dog.

  • All dogs can do scent work. Blind dogs, deaf dogs, three-legged dogs, any dog can do scent work! This is great for dogs with hip issues, older dogs, or shy dogs.

Now that you know the benefits of scent work training, what are you waiting for? Click the button to get started today!

Introductory Treibball Training

Treibball (pronounced Try-ball) is a new competitive dog sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It is great fun for any energetic dog who can learn to work well off-leash, loves to play chase games, loves to herd or who just needs a job! The object of the game is to "herd" eight balls into the goal.

This 8-week introductory course will teach everything from getting your dog's attention to driving the ball into the goal. Items that will need to be purchased separately are a target stick, clicker, and eight appropriately-sized exercise balls so you can practice your skills at home.  An appropriate sized ball is one where the mid-point of the ball should be no higher than the level of the dog’s nose. An assortment of ball sizes makes it more fun!

This class can be taken in person or online.

Private Training

Give your dog a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs. We offer these classes for those that are unable to attend weekly classes or are just uncomfortable coming to a group class. We offer private training for obedience, agility, and scent work. Click the button below to see date and times offered.

Online Classes

In these times of uncertainty, we want to be able to offer our training services to everyone, even if they can't attend a class at our facility. We we now have online classes available for those who do not wish to meet in person, those who cannot attend their scheduled class because of illness, or those who cannot make it to class because of inclement weather conditions. We strive to keep all of our clients safe! 

Obedience, treibball, and scent work training can be done online. Contact us after signing up to let us know that you would like the online option. If you are currently enrolled in a regular obedience or scent work class and find that you cannot attend your class in person, let us know as soon as possible and we can email you the link to connect to your online class.


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