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Meet the Trainers

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Michelle Coffman


Owner and behavior modification specialist

Michelle spent almost two decades in the medical field working as a respiratory therapist and EMT. The knowledge and skills she gained in her profession cross over to the care she gives her dogs. She also attended UW-Stevens Point where she majored in Biology and learned about canine behavior. She uses that knowledge everyday when she is working with the dogs.

Michelle loves training dogs and earned her certification as a professional dog trainer in 2021. She continues to pursue ongoing education and specializes in behavior modification. She knows each animal is different and will work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting an animal, have a new pet, or already own a pet with behavioral problems, Michelle is here to help.

Michelle is a balanced trainer with a heavy emphasis on positive reinforcement. She has a quiet approach that the dogs respond well to. Her current clients will tell you that she is like The Dog Whisperer.

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Tiffany Aguilar


Puppy training expert and group class assistant

Tiffany has been training under Michelle since 2021 and worked her way up to managing the puppy program. She has the natural gift of earning a dog's trust and respect and this makes her the perfect fit for working with the puppies. Puppies can sometimes be shy and fearful, but Tiffany always manages to make them feel at ease so they can start learning.

Earning her certification as a dog trainer is one of Tiffany's goals and she is well on her way to achieving that goal. Tiffany has logged many hours working with clients, assisting with group classes, and also creating new training plans. We are proud of her success and love watching her grow as a trainer.

Tiffany also has knowledge of the service dog world and has successfully trained her own dog, Nita, who is a perfectly balanced and sweet-natured Rottweiler. She also has Parker, a very animated Dalmatian, who will also be trained as a service dog.

Like Michelle, Tiffany is a balanced trainer with a heavy emphasis on positive reinforcement. Her training style makes her the perfect fit as a Ruff Ranch trainer. Her current clients will tell you that she has a no nonsense approach coupled with a very soft heart.

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Need more information? Schedule a FREE meet and greet with one of our trainers.

The meet and greet is a 30-minute appointment with the trainer of your choice to talk about your training needs, learn more about the trainer's training methods, and get advice on which of our programs would be most beneficial for you and your dog. The meet and greet is not a training session. Please schedule only one appointment regardless of the number of dogs you would like trained.

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